June Gloom (in July)


Recently, a woman whose very successful blog I follow suggested that one way to jump into the blogworld was to write something every day, even if it isn’t much.

This is one of those “it isn’t much” days.  Cloudy, humid, June-gloomy, nothing much going on… I look around and see so much I could be doing and I just can’t seem to do any of it.  Even the dogs are lethargic.

I could write about all kinds of things that are worrying/bugging/irritating me, but I don’t feel like ranting.  I could wax philosophical about something deep, but I don’t feel like preaching.  I could share hilarious anecdotes about my precious dogs (and they are precious), but…well…see above.  Today they’re preciously lethargic and short on hilarious anecdotal material.

Oh, hey, I’m in the ongoing process of cleaning closets and trying to empty boxes, so, as a result, here’s a photo I took in 2005.  I ran across it yesterday.



You’re welcome.


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