“The Thistle and Sunflower.” Does that sound like a pub to you?


Because it kind of does to me.

I stopped at a flower stand one morning, just because.  There was a time when I longed to be able to stop at flower stands and bring home flowers, and couldn’t (well, technically I could have, but at that point it was one of those little luxuries you just can’t justify).  But now I can, and every once in a while, I do.  This morning was one of those times, and I knew what I wanted just from driving past – sunflowers.  Big sunny blooms radiating cheer, and that refreshingly earthy non-fragrance…a summer day in a vase!  As I gathered up a lovely bunch, I noticed a bucket of fuzzy purple prickly-looking things.  I said to the young woman snipping excess greenery at a sink, “Are those…thistles?” “Yes!” she replied.  “I use them in arrangements.” I had a sudden vision of those prickly purple things interspersed with the big yellow and brown blooms and the floppy greens, sitting on my kitchen counter, radiating cheer and life metaphors.

Cheer, and life metaphors, and the name of my pub, if I ever get around to establishing it.  Until then, though, this will have to do.  Come on in, pull up a stool, and talk to me.

Oh, here’s a song I love with my whole heart and soul.  I’ve never been to Portland but this lovely shanty reminds me I must get there.  Maybe open a pub.  I already have a name for it.

“Oh where have you been to and where are you going?”

“…Up top, down under, down beach, over brow, up Tout, out Bill – she’s gone along now!”

Sailing for Gold


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